Initial Reading

17 Oct

During my preperation for my first BEd 1 assignment I have read a variety of different texts. One which I found very helpful for a variety of different areas was ‘Beginning Teacging Beginning Learning; 4th Edition; Moyles, Geogreson and Payler’

This book covers a variety of different areas, from an insight into specific curricular areas for example Ch 12 which I read in detail in relation to my assignment ‘Encouraging enquiry: Exploring the world around us’ to classroom management and behaviour. At the end of each chapter it also provides you with links to other reading related to the chapter topic.

I found this book particularly helpful as throughout it, it used case studies which I find more effective as I can picture the theory they are discussing in practice much more easily. The book was also helpful for me as I said above it also pointed me in the direction of other related reading which led me onto various other areas of similar topics.

Overall, I found this book great, it helped me with an initial introduction to a number of the areas I wished to look at.


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