ICT Task 1-IWB

18 Oct

What is an Interactive Whiteboard? Interactive whiteboards are powerful teaching tools which are becoming more popular across schools in every stage. They allow teachers to create dynamic lessons and they encourage active learning.

So, how do we use them? Once an interactive whiteboard is linked to a computer it becomes a ‘live’ computer desktop on the wall. These are noramally linked through USB connections and some use bluetooth connections. Once the board is up and running you can then use an interactive pen or on newer models your fingers/hand to do exactly what you would do on a computer desktop and more such as creating interactive lessons.

And finally, why use and interavtive whiteboard in your lessons? Well there are many positive reasons to encorporate an interavtive whiteboard in your lessons for example, it makes the lesson active and involves the children, it increases the pace of the lessons and can enhance demonstrating.

‘In English, for example, the use of interactive whiteboards can
support aspects of shared writing. The process of planning
and composition is demonstrated by the teacher and writing
is modified and adapted on screen through interaction and
discussion with pupils.’ (Getting the most from your
interactive whiteboard: A guide for primary schools)

 This can also be applied to a variety of curricular areas for example the Students’ ideas could be written directly on the whiteboard and the class can mindmap their ideas in an organised fashion whilst discussing any topic. Overall, I feel interactive whiteboards can enhance many lessons by encouraging the class to work as a whole and by making it more exciting. Having said this, it is important to make sure that what you are teaching using the whiteboard is appropriate to their learning.


One Response to “ICT Task 1-IWB”

  1. Sharon Tonner October 20, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    A good post where you have taken relevant information from what you have read to give an overview of IWBs. A wee tip: make a link to the book you use and put the date of the book in brackets. This will help you for your assignments.

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