Lesson ideas based on one Experience and Outcome

1 Nov

There are many experiences and outcomes related to the use of ICT to enhance the learning of the children. In this blog post I intend to look in more depth and one of these experiences and outcomes and come up with some thoughts and ideas of ways in which I could teach this to a class of children.

The Experience and Outcome I have chosen to look at is :

‘Throughout all my learning, I can use search facilities of electronic sources to access and retrieve information, recognising the importance this has in my place of learning, at home and in the workplace.’ TCH 2-03b

Lesson One: It is obvious to us that the internet is a great tool and you can find out fasinating things using it. However, in my opinion it is very important that before we begin showing children how to use search facilities, they must first know how to use the internet safely. At this stage I feel it would be appropriate to use tools such as the CEOP’s site to show children about the hazards of the internet and make sure they know the risks to them in school, at home etc. It would also be very important to say however what an amazing thing the internet is and make sure not to scare the children and put them off using it.

Lesson Two: After the children undertand the hazards that can occur using the internet, this experience and outcome would be a great link into the topic work the class are doing at this point in time. To demonstrate a benefit of the internet over other sources, I would show that you can get much more current imformation on the internet where as texts go out of date and can have inaccurate data. These search engines can be used to form a piece of research about their topic; perhaps creating a fact wall or a time line if each child was asked to find an interesting fact about their topic.

To conclude, there are many ways in which each experience and outcome could be approached but each of them will allow the children to see how important ICT is in the 21st century.


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