Range and Purpose of Technologies (ICT)

3 Nov

The Technologies covers a wide range of subject areas which are relevant to our everyday lifes. In reading the introductory statements for the Technologies experiences and outcomes it is clear that many skills are tackled and developed through this subject. In my opinion, the following statement sums up effectively the amount of aspects covered by the ‘Technologies’…

‘creative, practical and work-related experiences and outcomes in business, computing science, food, textiles, craft, design, engineering, graphics and applied technologies.’ (Scottish Government;Unknown)

The above statement shows the various different areas covered within the Technologies Experiences and Outcomes. The main purpose of the Technologies is therefore to make children aware of the impact technology has on our society today but also how to use this effectively in order to protect our environment and to become sustainable.

After looking at the main areas covered in these experiences and outcomes, I now intend to look at the purpose of ICT within The Technologies.

ICT skills are vital within todays society as technology is so prevelent. The main purpose of ICT in my opinion is to enhance the use of new technologies emerging and having the knowledge and understanding to use these. ICT

‘refers to forms of technology that are used to transmit, store, create, display, share or exchange information by electronic means.’ (Scottish Government, Unknown) as stated in the Technologies Principles and Practice document.

 ‘ICT  brings together different forms of technologies and uses them for communication and learning’  as discussed in the Priniciples and Practice Document (Scottish Governement; Unknown)  this is also highlighted in the Curriculum for Excellence Four Capacities document where it is stated that ‘Successful Learners’ will be to ‘use Technology for Learning’ (Scottish Government;2007).

To conclude, ICT is vital to the progression of society and can also be used effectively to enhance the learning of children through Curriculum for Excellence.



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